Hiring a professional painter in the area is an important decision. After all you are spending your hard earned money to either protect the exterior of your home or transform your homes interior. Let us make it easy for you by providing the best painters in Montgomery Alabama and the surrounding areas. We want to make the process of obtaining a written estimate an easy one.

Hiring Tips

When you first talk to a potential home painting contractor about getting a price quote you need to find out if they do the work themselves. Some painters you call are simply managers. About 80% will not be doing any of the work themselves. About 15% will be working alongside a crew and about 5% will be doing the job by themselves.

All of these have there advantages and disadvantages. It is just important for you to know in advance who will actually be coming out to paint your home. This is especially important if they will be doing interior painting.

Be sure to read online reviews and ask for referrals from your potential painting company. If they are simply sending a crew out you need to find out if that same crew did the painting for the referral who recommended them.

Paint Prep

Here are a few tips to help you insure that the painters you hire are performing in a top notch professional manner. All floors should be covered with tarps. Your furniture, counters, sinks, tubs, etc. covered in fresh plastic. All dents, dings, cracks on interior walls should be filled with drywall mud and sanded. Any cracks between walls and trim should be filled with caulk.